Grafana Cloud

Export to Amazon S3

You can use the Cloud Log Export feature to export your logs from Grafana Cloud Logs to your own long-term storage on Amazon S3 storage.

Before you begin

Before you begin you need the following:

  • Amazon Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) role
  • If you are creating a versioned bucket you also need:
    • GetObjectVersion permission
    • GetObjectVersionAttributes permission


To create an Amazon S3 logs export bucket, complete the following steps:

  1. In Grafana, click Administration > Plugins in the side navigation menu to view installed plugins.
  2. Search for Cloud logs exporter.
  3. On the Cloud Logs Export screen, click Set up a bucket.
  4. On the Create a Logs Export Bucket page, select Amazon S3 as your target cloud provider.
  5. Create an S3 bucket to export your logs to using the example code.
  6. Grant the Cloud Logs Export service access to the bucket by creating and attaching a bucket policy statement.
    1. Edit your policy statement to include the sample code. The wizard provides sample code for both a versioned bucket and a non versioned bucket.
    2. Apply the updated policy. The wizard provides a sample AWS command that you can modify.
  7. Specify your bucket details.
    1. Specify a Bucket Name.
    2. Select the Bucket Region from the menu.
  8. Click Test. Grafana tests if the exporter has access to the cloud bucket. You should see the message “Bucket connection was successful.”
  9. If the validation passes, click Submit to create the bucket.