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Java Virtual Machine integration for Grafana Cloud

A Java Virtual Machine (JVM) provides a runtime environment that converts Java bytecode into machine language, allowing computers to run Java programs. The JVM integration enables the Grafana Agent to send metrics to Grafana Cloud. The integration also creates a useful default dashboard for visualization of JVM metrics within Grafana Cloud.

This integration monitors a JVM process that exposes metrics through client_java.

Use the walkthrough in Grafana Cloud to install the JVM integration.

Post-install configuration for the Java Virtual Machine integration

In the Grafana Agent configuration file, the agent must be pointed to the JVM process, such as jvm:1234 in the example below, that exposes the /metrics endpoint of the client_java library.

  wal_directory: /tmp/wal
    scrape_interval: 5s
  - name: integrations
      - job_name: jvm-integration
          - targets: ['jvm:1234']
      - url: http://cortex:9009/api/prom/push