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Stackdriver integration for Grafana OnCall

The Stackdriver integration for Grafana OnCall handles ticket events sent from Stackdriver webhooks. The integration provides grouping, auto-acknowledge and auto-resolve logic via customizable alert templates.

You must have the role of Admin to be able to create integrations in Grafana OnCall.

Configuring Grafana OnCall to Receive Alerts from Stackdriver

  1. In the Integrations tab, click + New integration.
  2. Select Stackdriver from the list of available integrations.
  3. Enter a name and description for the integration, click Create
  4. A new page will open with the integration details. Copy the OnCall Integration URL from HTTP Endpoint section.

Configuring Stackdriver to Send Alerts to Grafana OnCall

  1. Create a notification channel in Stackdriver by navigating to Workspace Settings -> WEBHOOKS -> Add Webhook OnCall Integration URL

  2. Create and alert in Stackdriver by navigating to Alerting -> Policies -> Add Policy -> Choose Notification Channel using the channel set up in step 1