Usage Insights

Usage Insights

Note: Available in Grafana Cloud Pro and Advanced plans.

This page is specifically about the Usage Insights features provided in Grafana Cloud Pro and Advanced plans. If you’re self-hosting Grafana Enterprise, go here.

Usage Insights Loki Datasource

In each of your stacks, we provide a Loki datasource called grafanacloud-<slug>-usage-insights, where {{slug}} is that stacks’ slug (the part before in the URL). You can explore those logs like a typical Loki datasource. Note that it collects logs across all stacks in your organization (within the same region). To learn more about what is logged, see this page.

Usage Insights Dashboards

You can find the Usage Insights dashboards in the GrafanaCloud folder. Go to browse, search for “GrafanaCloud”, and select the dashboard you’d like to view. They contain links to each other to facilitate easy navigation.

1. Overview

This dashboard gives you a top-level view of how users are engaging with GrafanaCloud. You can see overall activity metrics, and per-stack metrics. Below the main graph, you can see a breakdown of events and errors by user, dashboard, and datasource.

2. Data Sources

Data Source Insights provides a view of data source usage and health. Here you can view your data sources by query count and error rate. Click on a data source name (or ID) to load further details. If you know the ID of a data source, you can also directly enter it in the text box.

3. Query Errors

In the Query Errors dashboard, you’ll find error logs and details. You can search the full log line text, and see an approximate categorization. Use it to identify unhealthy data sources, broken dashboards, and users that might need help with their queries.