Getting Started with Grafana Cloud

Getting Started

There are 3 main ways to get up and running with Grafana Cloud:

  • Visualize your existing observability data, no matter where it’s stored, using a highly-available, fully-managed Grafana service.

  • Ship your Prometheus, Graphite, or Loki data to Grafana Cloud’s scalable, fully-managed endpoints for long-term storage, aggregation, and high performance-querying. You can do this in two ways:

    • Forward your metrics and logs to Grafana Cloud using existing Prometheus, Graphite, or Loki services deployed into your environment with features like remote_write.
    • Deploy the Grafana Cloud Agent into your environment. Grafana Cloud Agent is a lightweight, performant, Prometheus-based data collector that ships logging and metrics data to Grafana Cloud.

  • Use Integrations (beta). Integrations abstract away the setup and configuration involved in shipping observability data to Grafana Cloud and visualizing it. An Integration provides a preconfigured agent to deploy into your infrastructure, and once installed, automatically configures a set of prebuilt dashboards and alerting rules for your metrics and logging data. There is currently only an Integration for Linux machines, but more are on the way soon.