Grafana Cloud

CoreDNS integration for Grafana Cloud

CoreDNS is a fast and efficient DNS server written in Go. The CoreDNS integration enables the Grafana Agent to send metrics to Grafana Cloud. The integration also creates a useful default dashboard for visualization of CoreDNS metrics within Grafana Cloud.

This integration supports CoreDNS version 1.7.0 or greater. To make metrics available on CoreDNS the prometheus plugin must be enabled. This integration’s dashboards also contains graphs utilizing metrics generate by the cache plugin.

Use the walkthrough in Grafana Cloud to install the CoreDNS integration.

Post-install configuration for the CoreDNS integration

The following agent configurations defines a scrape job that pulls the metrics from a CoreDNS instance on localhost on its default port. If CoreDNS is running on a different host the address must be adapted.

  # ...
  - name: integrations:
    - job_name: integrations/coredns
        - targets: ['localhost:9153']