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Data Privacy in Frontend Observability

Frontend Observability is powered by the Grafana Faro WebSDK (referred to as “the RUM library” in the following), which can be configured to match any Data Privacy framework you might be obligated to comply with.

Privacy considerations

The RUM library is designed to be as privacy-friendly as possible.

Collection of user data

The SDK does not collect any personal data by default.

Note however that it is possible to collect personally identifiable information (PII) through the RUM library.

If you intend to use this feature, ensure you have collected user consent in a way that complies with your data privacy framework.

Learn more about identifying users


The RUM library does not use any cookies.

Local Storage

The RUM library uses local storage to save the state of the user session. By default, the session state does not contain any personal data.

Read more about enriching the session state with custom data in the Session State section.

Proxying RUM data to Frontend Observability

If you want to prevent the RUM library and / or your users from sending any data directly to Grafana Cloud, you can proxy the data through your own backend.

Learn more about proxy-ing RUM data in the Proxying RUM data guide.