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Use Projects to organize k6 tests in collections and grant access to these collections. Some ways to stay organized with Projects include the following:

  • Per team. Each team is given their own project for them to do their work and collaborate.
  • Per component. A project is created for each component or service you’re testing.
  • Per brand. E-commerce customers may want to use projects per brand to stay organized.
  • Per customer. When dealing with custom software, you can to organize by customer to ensure each unique system is tested.
  • Per major release. After your systems go through a major change, you can to create a new project to organize the most recent data.

To invite users to a project, refer to manage project members.

Project activity

The Project activity helps you get a brief overview of what’s happening in your projects.

Project activity

Note: Project activity is currently only available to users on the Grafana Cloud Pro and Grafana Cloud Advanced plans.

To view the Project activity, go to Projects. Each project card will display the following stats for the past 30 days:

Test createdTotal count of tests created.
Tests startedTotal count of test runs started.
Success ratePercentage of successful test runs.
Most recent runLink to the most recent test run in the project.

Running CLI Tests in a Specific Project

By default, when you run a test from the CLI, the test runs in your default project. To set the test run in a different project, specify the projectID option in the k6 script:

export const options = {
  ext: {
    loadimpact: {
      projectID: 3479144,

In Grafana Cloud, you can find the projectID value below the project name on the project view:

k6 Project ID