Grafana Cloud


Use Projects to organize k6 tests in collections and grant access to these collections. Some ways to stay organized with Projects include the following:

  • Per team. Each team is given their own project for them to do their work and collaborate.
  • Per component. A project is created for each component or service you’re testing.
  • Per brand. E-commerce customers may want to use projects per brand to stay organized.
  • Per customer. When dealing with custom software, you can to organize by customer to ensure each unique system is tested.
  • Per major release. After your systems go through a major change, you can to create a new project to organize the most recent data.

To invite users to a project, refer to manage project members.

Running CLI Tests in a Specific Project

By default, when you run a test from the CLI, the test runs in your default project. To set the test run in a different project, specify the projectID option in the k6 script:

export const options = {
  ext: {
    loadimpact: {
      projectID: 3479144,

In Grafana Cloud, you can find the projectID value below the project name on the project view:

k6 Project ID