IntegrationsInstall and manage Integrations

Install and manage Integrations

See Integrations to learn more about Integrations.

See Currently available Integrations for a list of Integrations.

Installing Integrations

Use the walkthrough to install an integration, as shown in our Quickstarts.

Managing Integrations

To manage installed integrations, click the Integrations icon (lightning bolt) on the menu bar and select Integrations Management

Integration Management

This takes you to the Integrations page. The Agent tab currently gives information about the Grafana Agent, similar to here in the documentation. This section covers the Integrations tab.

Integration Management

Here you are presented with a list of currently available integrations. Integrations you have installed in your Grafana Cloud instance are denoted in the integration’s box.

Use search or scroll to find a specific integration. You can sort the list at the top right of the list.

Updating and removing an installed integration

Click to select an integration and reveal the same instructions you used when you initially installed the integration. This also reveals a Check Connection button and Optional configurations, when optional configuration options exist.

To remove an installed integration, select the Uninstall tab at the top.

Integration Management

In the Uninstall tab, click Uninstall Integration to remove the integration from Grafana Cloud, including any dashboards the integration may have installed.

To stop the integration from sending metrics to Grafana Cloud, you must download the Grafana Agent again because the uninstall feature also removes the agent configuration specific to the integration you just uninstalled.