Grafana Cloud Grafana Kubernetes Monitoring Other configuration methods Use remote_write to ship Prometheus metrics
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Use remote_write to ship metrics from new or existing Prometheus installations

Instructions for configuring Prometheus and remote_write to ship metrics to Grafana Cloud vary depending on how you installed Prometheus into your Kubernetes clusters.

Note: You can instead use Kubernetes Monitoring to guide you through the configuration process, allowing you to scrape kube-state-metrics, collect Kubernetes events, and use preconfigured dashboards and alerts. For comparisons of configuration methods, see Grafana Kubernetes Monitoring.

This section shows how to configure remote_write for the following common deployment methods:

MethodWhen to use
Configure remote_write with Prometheus OperatorUse when Prometheus Operator is deployed using either Prometheus Operator or the kube-prometheus stack.
Configure remote_write with Helm and kube-prometheus-stackUse when Prometheus Operator and kube-prometheus are deployed using the Helm kube-prometheus-stack chart.
Configure remote_write with Helm and PrometheusUse when Prometheus is deployed using the Prometheus Helm chart.
Configure remote_write with a Prometheus ConfigMapUse when Prometheus is deployed using a Kubernetes Deployment and ConfigMap manifests.

If you’re starting from scratch and would like to install Prometheus Operator into a Kubernetes cluster and ship metrics to Grafana Cloud, use one of the following methods.

MethodWhen to use
Migrate a Kube-Prometheus Helm stackIn this guide, you’ll learn how to install the kube-prometheus-stack Helm chart into your cluster, and ship its metrics to Grafana Cloud. You’ll also learn how to allowlist metrics to reduce usage, and migrate dashboards and rules to Grafana Cloud.
Install Prometheus Operator with Grafana Cloud for KubernetesIn this guide, you’ll install Prometheus Operator into a Kubernetes cluster (without Helm), configure it to scrape itself and ship these metrics to Grafana Cloud.