This is documentation for the next version of Grafana. For the latest stable release, go to the latest version.

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Configure contact points

Use contact points to select your preferred communication channel for receiving notifications when your alert rules are firing. You can add, edit, delete, export, and test a contact point.

On the Contact Points tab, you can:

  • Search for name and type of contact points and integrations.
  • View all existing contact points and integrations.
  • View how many notification policies each contact point is being used for and navigate directly to the linked notification policies.
  • View the status of notification deliveries.
  • Export individual contact points or all contact points in JSON, YAML, or Terraform format.
  • Delete contact points. Note that you cannot delete contact points that are in use by a notification policy. To proceed, either delete the notification policy or update it to use another contact point.

On the Notification templates tab, you can:

  • View, edit, copy or delete existing notification templates.

Add a contact point

Complete the following steps to add a contact point.

  1. In the left-side menu, click Alerts & IRM and then Alerting.
  2. Click Contact points.
  3. From the Choose Alertmanager dropdown, select an Alertmanager. By default, Grafana Alertmanager is selected.
  4. On the Contact Points tab, click + Add contact point.
  5. Enter a descriptive name for the contact point.
  6. From Integration, select a type and fill out mandatory fields. For example, if you choose email, enter the email addresses. Or if you choose Slack, enter the Slack channel and users who should be contacted.
  7. Some contact point integrations, like email or Webhook, have optional settings. In Optional settings, specify additional settings for the selected contact point integration.
  8. In Notification settings, optionally select Disable resolved message if you do not want to be notified when an alert resolves.
  9. To add another contact point integration, click Add contact point integration and repeat steps 6 through 8.
  10. Save your changes.

Use notification templates

Use templates in contact points to customize your notifications.

Complete the following steps to add templates to your contact point.

  1. Click an existing contact point or create a new one

  2. In Optional settings, click any field that contains templates.

    For example, if you are creating an email contact point integration, click Message or Subject.

  3. Click Edit. A dialog box opens where you can select templates.

  4. [Optional] Click Select existing template to select a template and preview it using the default payload.

    Click Save to use just a single template in the field.

    You can also copy the selected template and use it in the custom tab.

  5. [Optional] Click Enter custom message to customize and edit the field directly. Note that the title changes depending on the field you are editing.

    Click Save to use just a single template in the field.

  6. You can switch between the two tabs to access the list of available templates and copy them across to the customized version.

  7. Click Save contact point.

Test a contact point

Complete the following steps to test a contact point.

  1. In the left-side menu, click Alerts & IRM and then Alerting.
  2. Click Contact points to view a list of existing contact points.
  3. On the Contact Points tab, find the contact point you want to test, then click Edit. You can also create a new contact point if needed.
  4. Click Test to open the contact point testing dialog box.
  5. Choose whether to send a predefined test notification or choose custom to add your own custom annotations and labels to include in the notification.
  6. Click Send test notification to fire the alert.

List of supported integrations

Each contact point integration has its own configuration options and setup process. In most cases, this involves providing an API key or a Webhook URL.

The following table lists the contact point integrations supported by Grafana.

Cisco Webex Teamswebex
Google Chatgooglechat
Grafana Oncalloncall
Kafka REST Proxykafka
Microsoft Teamsteams
Sensu Gosensugo
Threema Gatewaythreema

Some of these integrations are not compatible with external Alertmanagers. For the list of Prometheus Alertmanager integrations, refer to the Prometheus Alertmanager receiver settings.