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You can create interactive links for Explore visualizations to run queries related to presented data by setting up Correlations.

A correlation defines how data in one data source is used to query data in another data source. Some examples:

  • an application name returned in a logs data source can be used to query metrics related to that application in a metrics data source, or
  • a user name returned by an SQL data source can be used to query logs related to that particular user in a logs data source

Explore takes user-defined correlations to display links inside the visualizations. You can click on a link to run the related query and see results in Explore Split View.

Explore visualizations that currently support showing links based on correlations:

You can configure correlations using Administration > Correlation page or with provisioning.

Note: Correlations are available in Grafana 10.0+ as an opt-in beta feature. Modify Grafana configuration file to enable the correlations feature toggle to use it.

Correlations links in Explore
Correlations links in Explore

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