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Activate a Grafana Enterprise license purchased through AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is a convenient place for AWS customers to buy and manage a license for Grafana Enterprise versions 8.3.0 and later.

You can deploy Grafana Enterprise in the following ways:

  • Using AWS services like ECS, EKS or EC2.
  • In an instance outside AWS.

In each case, you must activate the Grafana Enterprise license purchased in AWS Marketplace to take advantage of Grafana Enterprise observability features. Grafana Enterprise licenses purchased through AWS Marketplace are subject to the same restrictions as Grafana Enterprise licensed purchased directly from Grafana Labs.

To purchase a license directly from Grafana Labs or learn more about other Grafana offerings, Contact a Grafana Labs representative.

Before you begin

Become an AWS customer. Only AWS customers have access to purchase services through AWS Marketplace. To learn more about becoming an AWS customer, refer to Sign up for AWS.