Permissions Overview

Grafana users have permissions that are determined by their:

  • Organization Role (Admin, Editor, Viewer)
  • Via Team memberships where the Team has been assigned specific permissions.
  • Via permissions assigned directly to user (on folders, dashboards, data sources)
  • The Grafana Admin (i.e. Super Admin) user flag.

Grafana Admin

This admin flag makes a user a Super Admin. This means they can access the Server Admin views where all users and organizations can be administrated.

Organization Roles

Users can be belong to one or more organizations. A user’s organization membership is tied to a role that defines what the user is allowed to do in that organization. Learn more about Organization Roles.

Dashboard and Folder Permissions

Dashboard and folder permissions allows you to remove the default role based permissions for Editors and Viewers and assign permissions to specific Users and Teams. Learn more about Dashboard and Folder Permissions.

Data source permissions

Per default, a data source in an organization can be queried by any user in that organization. For example a user with Viewer role can still issue any possible query to a data source, not just those queries that exist on dashboards he/she has access to.

Data source permissions allows you to change the default permissions for data sources and restrict query permissions to specific Users and Teams. Read more about data source permissions.