Tempo data source

Data sourcesTempo

Grafana ships with built-in support for Tempo a high volume, minimal dependency trace storage, OSS tracing solution from Grafana Labs. Add it as a data source, and you are ready to query your traces in Explore.

Adding the data source

To access Tempo settings, click the Configuration (gear) icon, then click Data Sources > Tempo.

Name Description
Name The data source name using which you will refer to the data source in panels, queries, and Explore.
Default The default data source will be pre-selected for new panels.
URL The URL of the Tempo instance, e.g., http://localhost:16686
Basic Auth Enable basic authentication to the Tempo data source.
User User name for basic authentication.
Password Password for basic authentication.

Query traces

You can query and display traces from Tempo via Explore. To query a particular trace, insert its trace ID into the query text input.

Linking Trace ID from logs

You can link to Tempo trace from logs in Loki or Elastic by configuring an internal link. See the Derived fields section in the Loki data source or Data links section in the Elastic data source for configuration instructions.