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Bar gauge

Bar gauges simplify your data by reducing every field to a single value. You choose how Grafana calculates the reduction.

This panel can show one or more bar gauges depending on how many series, rows, or columns your query returns.

Stat panel
Stat panel

Value options

Use the following options to refine how your visualization displays the value:


Choose how Grafana displays your data.


Show a calculated value based on all rows.

  • Calculation - Select a reducer function that Grafana will use to reduce many fields to a single value. For a list of available calculations, refer to Calculation types.
  • Fields - Select the fields display in the panel.

All values

Show a separate stat for every row. If you select this option, then you can also limit the number of rows to display.

  • Limit - The maximum number of rows to display. Default is 5,000.
  • Fields - Select the fields display in the panel.

Bar gauge options

Adjust how the bar gauge is displayed.


Choose a stacking direction.

  • Auto - Grafana determines the best orientation.
  • Horizontal - Bars stretch horizontally, left to right.
  • Vertical - Bars stretch vertically, bottom to top.

Display mode

Choose a display mode.

  • Gradient - Threshold levels define a gradient.
  • Retro LCD - The gauge is split into small cells that are lit or unlit.
  • Basic - Single color based on the matching threshold.

Value display

Choose a value display mode.

  • Value color - Value color is determined by value.
  • Text color - Value color is default text color.
  • Hidden - Values are hidden.

Name placement

Choose a name placement mode.

Note: This option only applies when the orientation of the bar gauge is horizontal. When the bar gauge is in the vertical orientation, names are always placed at the bottom of each bar gauge.
  • Auto - Grafana determines the best placement.
  • Top - Names are placed on top of each bar gauge.
  • Left - Names are placed to the left of each bar gauge.

Show unfilled area

Select this if you want to render the unfilled region of the bars as dark gray. Not applicable to Retro LCD display mode.

Min width

Limit the minimum width of the bar column in the vertical direction.

Automatically show x-axis scrollbar when there is a large amount of data.

Min height

Limit the minimum height of the bar row in the horizontal direction.

Automatically show y-axis scrollbar when there is a large amount of data.