Open source

Set up Alerting

Set up or upgrade your implementation of Grafana Alerting.


These are set-up instructions for Grafana Alerting Open Source.

Before you begin

Set up Alerting

To set up Alerting, you need to:

  1. Configure alert rules

    • Create Grafana-managed or Mimir/Loki-managed alert rules and recording rules
  2. Configure contact points

    • Check the default contact point and update the email address

    • [Optional] Add new contact points and integrations

  3. Configure notification policies

    • Check the default notification policy

    • [Optional] Add additional nested policies

    • [Optional] Add labels and label matchers to control alert routing

  4. [Optional] Integrate with Grafana OnCall

Advanced set up options

Grafana Alerting supports many additional configuration options, from configuring external Alertmanagers to routing Grafana-managed alerts outside of Grafana, to defining your alerting setup as code.

The following topics provide you with advanced configuration options for Grafana Alerting.