Dashboards Dashboard UIDashboard header

Dashboard header

The dashboard header has the following sections.

  • Side menubar toggle (1): This option toggles the side menu. It provides access to features unrelated to a dashboard such as users, organizations, data sources, and alerting.
  • Dashboard dropdown (2): Use this option to view the current dashboard name. From here, you can:
    • Select another dashboard name to easily switch to that dashboard.
    • Create a new dashboard or folder, import existing dashboards, and manage dashboard playlists.
  • Add panel (3): Use this option to add a new panel to the current dashboard.
  • Star dashboard (4): Use this option to star (or unstar) the current dashboard. Starred dashboards show up on your own home dashboard by default. It is a convenient way to mark Dashboards that you’re interested in.
  • Share dashboard (5): Use this option to share the current dashboard by creating a link or create a static snapshot of it. You must save the dashboard before sharing.
  • Save dashboard (6): Use this option to save the current dashboard using its current name.
  • Settings (7): Use this option to manage dashboard settings and configure templates and annotations.