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Grafana is the de facto software for time series analytics, with well over 150,000 active installations. Customers turn to Grafana Labs to help bring their disparate data sources together, all through software that is vendor neutral and open source.

Grafana is used in a wide variety of use cases. These include DevOps, IIoT, and AdTech. Our community is constantly inspiring us with new use cases and applications. Here is a sampling of what our users and customers are doing with Grafana:


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Case Study

How Grafana Helps PingCAP Troubleshoot TiDB Deployments

PingCAP diagnoses and troubleshoots issues from a thousand metrics on their TiDB clusters using Grafana.

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Case Study

KeyCDN: Grafana Is 'Making Monitoring Amazing Again'

In the world of content delivery networks, systems have to be up 24/7; no room for hiccups. The team at KeyCDN started using Grafana, and it was a game-changer.

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Case Study

After Trying to DIY, Wix Embraces GrafanaCloud

In a company where metrics is an important part of their culture, Wix selects GrafanaCloud to monitor its mission critical systems.

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Case Study

Milliseconds Matter: How Stack Overflow Uses Grafana

Grafana allows teams across Stack Overflow to quickly and easily build custom self-service dashboards for what’s important to them, no matter where the data lives or which database it’s stored in.

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Case Study

DigitalOcean Gains New Insight with Visualizations Shared Across Teams

Digital Ocean relies on Grafana to be the consolidated data visualization and dashboard solution for sharing data across teams and to their customers.

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Case Study

Gameforge Solves Metric Visualization Problems Between Internal and External Teams

Massively multiplayer online game developer Gameforge uses Grafana to display millions of metrics per minute their games produce from over 200 servers, and share that data across game teams.

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Case Study

Apica Systems Uses Grafana to Enhance End User Experience

Apica Systems understands performance and end user experience have a great impact on business. They use Grafana alongside their SaaS product to detect availability and performance issues before they affect users.

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Leading biotech company AMGEN monitors thousands of its applications and components, complete with many custom and outdated monitoring tools. Leveraging Grafana's multi data sources capabilities, they dramatically reduced the number of external tools and maximized internal value of their data.


Bloomberg's telemetry team was looking for a new solution to provide monitoring and alerting for all of their infrastructure and applications. After countless searches, and attempting to write their own TSDB, Bloomberg discovered Metrictank and were excited by how many of their requirements it met out of the box. uses Grafana to visualize metrics at scale... an impressive scale. With Graphite as their monitoring engine, has optimized their stack to store millions of metrics per second, and are looking to push it even further.


Grafana is used on many different teams at CERN. Not only does Grafana visualize metrics from their technical infrastructure, but also for accelerators, experiments and computing infrastructure. Grafana helps CERN support high energy physics. created a custom data source for Grafana to visualize data from CrateDB, a purpose-built database for machine data and real-time analytics.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean relies on Grafana to be the consolidated data visualization and dashboard solution for sharing data across teams and to their customers.


eBay uses Grafana to look for anomalies in the experiments they conduct on their website via their Experimentation Platform, which is for testing's overall user experience.

Energy Weather

Energy Weather monitors the increasing weather impact on financial markets, and uses Grafana to demonstrate how weather forecasts, resulting renewable energy production, and price developments are connected.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is the world leader in live dealer gaming. Grafana is an important part of their testing processes to track performance tests, monitoring of test environments, and other QA activities.


Fermilab is a US Department of Energy national laboratory specializing in high-energy particle physics. Grafana is the primary user interface for their custom monitoring platform Fifemon.


Massively multiplayer online game developer Gameforge uses Grafana to display millions of metrics per minute their games produce from over 200 servers, and share that data across game teams.


Grillo is creating an effective, affordable earthquake detection system accessible to people in some of the most remote, and most vulnerable, parts of the world.


HotSchedules' infrastructure engineering team focuses on automation, scalability, and reliability of their next-gen apps for nearly 2.8 million users in 160,000 locations around the world.


Ingram Content Group's Automated Print on Demand division uses Grafana to aggregate and track metrics from their automated printing, binding and shipping processes to their end users.


KeyCDN migrated their legacy monitoring stack to Prometheus with Grafana and can now visualize all of their data, no matter where it lives, in one pane of glass.

Natel Energy

Natel Energy is building a low cost, distributed, grid-scale hydropower turbine. With Grafana, they found a great platform to build a great looking, secure and scalable control system with all their operational interfaces in one place.


NetApp uses Grafana to present meaningful dashboards to multiple audiences so their clients can understand how their storage infrastructure is performing.

New City Energy

Since 2013 New City Energy has been helping the City of D.C. measure and improve the efficiency and performance of its building portfolio through a number of policy and technology innovations. Grafana is an important piece of their platform, demonstrating how the entire system delivers value to the city.

Open NMS

OpenNMS, an enterprise grade network management application platform created their own Grafana data source plugin for their customers to visualize a wide array of metrics from network devices and services.


Outbrain, the content recommendation platform, relies on Grafana to visualize data from Graphite, Elasticsearch and Prometheus to help them serve more than 2.5 million requests/day.


Packet launched its API-driven bare metal cloud product in 2014. As its customer base quickly grew, the Packet team realized that in order to provide its tens of thousands of users with a high-performing and reliable platform, it needed to have more robust monitoring in its own infrastructure.


PayPal scales their monitoring across numerous data sources to make sure all 190 million+ PayPal users have a good experience using their services.


Percona integrated Grafana into Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM), their own open-source platform for managing and monitoring MySQL and MongoDB performance.


PingCAP diagnoses and troubleshoots issues from a thousand metrics on their TiDB clusters using Grafana.


Prometheus, the open source monitoring solution has recently named Grafana as the primary dashboard editor for the project.


Redhat uses Grafana as a key piece of their monitoring stack as they analyze the performance of OpenStack Cloud while benchmarking and work to further improve OpenStack performance.


After insourcing the majority of subsurface technical storage at Shell upstream, they were limited by the commercially available monitoring solution. With Grafana, they can visualize the full globally installed base on a single dashboard as well as drilling deep into specific storage clusters.

Sony Playstation

Sony Playstation built a comprehensive internal monitoring solution with Grafana as the visualization layer to provide dashboards and alerting.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow's Ad Server team was the first team to discover Grafana when they needed to optimize their ad server performance. Grafana has now grown to visualize and alert on data for numerous teams at Stack Overflow.


Staples has over 2,000 brick and mortar stores worldwide and is the fourth largest online retailer. They rely on Grafana as a key piece of their internal monitoring stack.


Uber built their own highly scalable time series database called M3, which they integrated into Grafana to visualize multiple data sources on the same dashboard.

Würth Phoenix

Grafana dashboards helped Würth Phoenix gain new insights about why a business critical application is slow, what components are involved, and how this impacts users and hardware.

Here's what other Grafana users have to say

At NS1, Grafana enables us to drill deeply into huge volumes of real-time network and infrastructure telemetry, about hundreds of systems spanning dozens of datacenters in our global DNS & traffic management network. We live and breathe data and rely on Grafana to bring it to life.- Kristopher Beevers, CEO, NS1
Grafana’s dashboards help us deliver relevant insights about our customers’ storage in a beautiful, easy to read format.- Chris Madden, Storage Architect, NetApp
We found a bug this week that literally would have taken us weeks or months to discover if we didn't have Grafana.- Bret Copeland, Team Lead, StackOverflow
Grafana and Graphite became the perfect solution for us and the whole company. We are able to provide precisely tailored dashboards for other departments and game teams.- Felix Oechsler, Technical Director, Gameforge
Rackspace manages the cloud infrastructure for some of the largest companies in the world, and understanding their systems and applications data is critical. Grafana helps us visualize and make sense of it all, beautifully.- Alexander Scammon, Rackspace