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Spanning many industries and use cases, see how Grafana helps our users in their own words.

We found a bug this week that literally would have taken us weeks or months to discover if we didn't have Grafana.- Bret Copeland, Team Lead, StackOverflow
At NS1, Grafana enables us to drill deeply into huge volumes of real-time network and infrastructure telemetry, about hundreds of systems spanning dozens of datacenters in our global DNS & traffic management network. We live and breathe data and rely on Grafana to bring it to life.- Kristopher Beevers, CEO, NS1
How Digital Ocean Uses GrafanaDigital Ocean gains invaluable insight with visualizations shared across teams.Download PDF
Grafana’s dashboards help us deliver relevant insights about our customers’ storage in a beautiful, easy to read format.- Chris Madden, Storage Architect, NetApp
Grafana and Graphite became the perfect solution for us and the whole company. We are able to provide precisely tailored dashboards for other departments and game teams.- Felix Oechsler, Technical Director, Gameforge
Rackspace manages the cloud infrastructure for some of the largest companies in the world, and understanding their systems and applications data is critical. Grafana helps us visualize and make sense of it all, beautifully.- Alexander Scammon, Rackspace