In the months leading up to Black Friday, the world’s leading direct-to-consumer sleep brand turned to Grafana Cloud, k6, and Loki to implement an observability strategy that would ensure the best user experience and system stability during the biggest shopping period of the year. In this talk, you’ll hear how Grafana helped the team monitor the integration between two systems (old and new) to check if the split of traffic was working; how they set up alerting; and how both technical and business teams relied on key dashboards so they didn’t have to lose any sleep.

Charbel Wakim

Tech Lead OpenMage / DevOps Engineer, Emma Sleep

Charbel Wakim is the Tech Lead for the OpenMage platform and a DevOps Engineer at Emma Sleep.

Charbel leads the technical team for the old platform being responsible for its stability and security while also having the role of a DevOps engineer on the new platform.

Charbel ensures the use of the latest technologies and monitoring tools on both platforms to ensure the best user experience for the customers and the best up-time possible.