DRW is a diversified trading firm with decades of experience bringing sophisticated technology and exceptional people together to operate in markets around the world. Headquartered in Chicago with offices around the globe, DRW trades a number of asset classes, including Fixed Income, ETFs, Equities, FX, Commodities, Crypto and Energy. In this session, DRW Observability Team Lead Kevin Franzen will share how DRW adopted Grafana for observability, how they manage their multi-tenant Grafana implementation with terraform, and how they’ve configured Grafana Enterprise Metrics to deliver helpful insights in real time – along with lessons learned in upgrading and GitOps.

Kevin Franzen

Observability Team Lead, DRW

Kevin is the Observability Team Lead at DRW.  In this new role, he is providing mission critical support at DRW for their centralized logging, metrics and tracing tools used throughout the firm.  He is helping teams bridge the gap between using legacy and homegrown monitoring systems and using current observability technologies and industry best practices.  He is a Star Trek fan and kubernetes aficionado attempting to “declare it so” using CI/CD and gitops tooling everywhere possible.