Grafana EnterpriseUsage insightsDashboard and data source insights

Dashboard and data source insights

For every dashboard and data source, you can access usage information.

Dashboard insights

Note: Available in Grafana Enterprise v7.0+.

To see dashboard usage information, go to the top bar and click Dashboard insights.

Dashboard insights show the following information:

  • Stats: The number of daily queries and errors for the past 30 days.
  • Users & activity: The daily view count for the last 30 days; last activities on the dashboard and recent users (with a limit of 20).

Data source insights

Note: Available in Grafana Enterprise v7.3+.

Data source insights give you information about how a data source has been used in the past 30 days, such as:

  • Queries per day
  • Errors per day
  • Query load time per day (averaged in ms)

To find data source insights:

  1. Go to the Data source list view.
  2. Click on a data source.
  3. Click the Insights tab.