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Install static mode on macOS

Install Grafana Agent and get it up and running on macOS.

Note: If you intend to ship your data to Grafana Cloud, you can set up Grafana Agent using a Grafana Cloud integration. See how to install an integration and details about the macOS integration.


Use Homebrew to install the most recent released version of Grafana using the Homebrew package. You can also install Grafana Agent on macOS using the macOS binary.


  1. Open a terminal and enter:

    brew update
    brew install grafana-agent

    The brew page downloads and enters the files into:

    • /usr/local/Cellar/grafana-agent/[version] (Homebrew v2)
    • /opt/homebrew/Cellar/grafana-agent/[version] (Homebrew v3)
    • Grafana Agent logs should be located in /opt/homebrew/var/log/ though this path may differ depending on the version of Homebrew.
  2. Run the following commands:

    mkdir -p $(brew --prefix)/etc/grafana-agent/
    touch $(brew --prefix)/etc/grafana-agent/config.yml
  3. Modify config.yml with your configuration requirements.

    See Configure Grafana Agent for details.

  4. Start Grafana Agent using the command:

    brew services start grafana-agent

    For logs, see:

    • stdout: $(brew --prefix)/var/log/grafana-agent.log
    • stderr: $(brew --prefix)/var/log/grafana-agent.err.log
  5. Enter the following command to upgrade Grafana Agent:

    brew upgrade grafana-agent.