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discovery.file discovers files on the local filesystem using glob patterns and the doublestar library.


discovery.file "LABEL" {
  path_targets = [{"__path__" = "DOUBLESTAR_PATH"}]


The following arguments are supported:

path_targetslist(map(string))Targets to expand; looks for glob patterns on the __path__ and __path_exclude__ keys.yes
sync_perioddurationHow often to sync filesystem and targets."10s"no

path_targets uses doublestar style paths.

  • /tmp/**/*.log will match all subfolders of tmp and include any files that end in *.log.
  • /tmp/apache/*.log will match only files in /tmp/apache/ that end in *.log.
  • /tmp/** will match all subfolders of tmp, tmp itself, and all files.

Exported fields

The following fields are exported and can be referenced by other components:

targetslist(map(string))The set of targets discovered from the filesystem.

Each target includes the following labels:

  • __path__: Absolute path to the file.

Component health

discovery.file is only reported as unhealthy when given an invalid configuration. In those cases, exported fields retain their last healthy values.

Debug information

discovery.file does not expose any component-specific debug information.

Debug metrics

discovery.file does not expose any component-specific debug metrics.


This example discovers all files and folders under /tmp/logs. The absolute paths are used by loki.source.file.files targets.

discovery.file "tmp" {
    path_targets = [{"__path__" = "/tmp/logs/**/*.log"}]

loki.source.file "files" {
    targets    = discovery.file.tmp.targets
    forward_to = [ /* ... */ ]


This example finds all the logs on pods and monitors them.

discovery.kubernetes "k8s" {
  role = "pod"

discovery.relabel "k8s" {
  targets = discovery.kubernetes.k8s.targets
  rule {
    source_labels = ["__meta_kubernetes_namespace", "__meta_kubernetes_pod_label_name"]
    target_label  = "job"
    separator     = "/"

  rule {
    source_labels = ["__meta_kubernetes_pod_uid", "__meta_kubernetes_pod_container_name"]
    target_label  = "__path__"
    separator     = "/" 
    replacement   = "/var/log/pods/*$1/*.log"

discovery.file "pods" {
    path_targets = discovery.relabel.k8s.output

loki.source.file "pods" {
    targets = discovery.file.pods.targets
    forward_to = [loki.write.endpoint.receiver]

loki.write "endpoint" {
    endpoint {
        url = "LOKI_PATH"
        basic_auth {
            username = USERNAME
            password = "PASSWORD"