Grafana Agent Flow mode Tasks Configure Grafana Agent clustering
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Configure Grafana Agent Flow clustering in an existing installation

You can configure Grafana Agent Flow to run with clustering so that individual Grafana Agents can work together for workload distribution and high availability.

Note: Clustering is a beta feature. Beta features are subject to breaking changes and may be replaced with equivalent functionality that covers the same use case.

This topic describes how to add clustering to an existing installation.

Configure Grafana Agent Flow clustering with Helm Chart

This section guides you through enabling clustering when Grafana Agent Flow is installed on Kubernetes using the Grafana Agent Helm chart.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that your values.yaml file has controller.type set to statefulset.


To configure clustering:

  1. Amend your existing values.yaml file to add clustering.enabled=true inside the agent block.

        enabled: true
  2. Upgrade your installation to use the new values.yaml file:

    helm upgrade <RELEASE_NAME> -f values.yaml

    Replace the following:

    • <RELEASE_NAME>: The name of the installation you chose when you installed the Helm chart.
  3. Use the Grafana Agent Flow UI to verify the cluster status:

    1. Click Clustering in the navigation bar.

    2. Ensure that all expected nodes appear in the resulting table.