Grafana Agent Flow mode Reference Components prometheus.exporter.​apache
Open source


The prometheus.exporter.apache component embeds apache_exporter for collecting mod_status statistics from an apache server.


prometheus.exporter.apache "LABEL" {


The following arguments can be used to configure the exporter’s behavior. All arguments are optional. Omitted fields take their default values.

scrape_uristringURI to Apache stub status page.http://localhost/server-status?autono
host_overridestringOverride for HTTP Host
insecureboolIgnore server certificate if using https.falseno

Exported fields

The following fields are exported and can be referenced by other components.

targetslist(map(string))The targets that can be used to collect apache metrics.

For example, the targets can either be passed to a prometheus.relabel component to rewrite the metric’s label set, or to a prometheus.scrape component that collects the exposed metrics.

Component health

prometheus.exporter.apache is only reported as unhealthy if given an invalid configuration. In those cases, exported fields retain their last healthy values.

Debug information

prometheus.exporter.apache does not expose any component-specific debug information.

Debug metrics

prometheus.exporter.apache does not expose any component-specific debug metrics.


This example uses a prometheus.scrape component to collect metrics from prometheus.exporter.apache:

prometheus.exporter.apache "example" {
  scrape_uri = ""

// Configure a prometheus.scrape component to collect apache metrics.
prometheus.scrape "demo" {
  targets    = prometheus.exporter.apache.example.targets
  forward_to = [ /* ... */ ]