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tracing block

tracing is an optional configuration block used to customize how Grafana Agent produces traces. tracing is specified without a label and can only be provided once per configuration file.


tracing {
  sampling_fraction = 0.1

  write_to = [otelcol.exporter.otlp.tempo.input]

otelcol.exporter.otlp "tempo" {
  // Send traces to a locally running Tempo without TLS enabled.
  client {
    endpoint = env("TEMPO_OTLP_ENDPOINT")

    tls {
      insecure = true


The following arguments are supported:

sampling_fractionnumberFraction of traces to keep.0.1no
write_tolist(otelcol.Consumer)Inputs from otelcol components to send traces to.[]no

The write_to argument controls which components to send traces to for processing. The elements in the array can be any otelcol component which accept traces, including processors and exporters. When write_to is set to an empty array [], all traces are dropped.

NOTE: Any traces generated before the tracing block has been evaluated, such as at the early start of the process’ lifetime, are dropped.

The sampling_fraction argument controls what percentage of generated traces should be sent to the consumers specified by write_to. When set to 1 or greater, 100% of traces are kept. When set to 0 or lower, 0% of traces are kept.