Flux (InfluxDB) [BETA]

Data Source

InfluxDB Data Source for Flux Queries for Grafana

InfluxDB (Flux) Datasource [BETA] - Native Plugin

Grafana ships with built in support for InfluxDB (>= 1.4.1).

Use this datasource if you want to use Flux to query your InfluxDB. Feel free to run this datasource side-by-side with the non-Flux datasource. If you point both datasources to the same InfluxDB instance, you can switch query mode by switching the datasources.

Read more about Flux here:


Read more about InfluxDB here:


Supported Template Variable Macros:

  • List all measurements for a given database: measurements(database)
  • List all tags for a given database and measurement: tags(database, measurement)
  • List all tag values for a given database, measurement, and tag: tag_valuess(database, measurement, tag)
  • List all field keys for a given database and measurement: field_keys(database, measurement)


  • Alerting integration
  • Explore UI integration
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