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Video: Top 3 features of the New Relic data source plugin for Grafana Enterprise

March 29, 2022 3 min

Grafana Labs and New Relic have a long history of working together to drive cross-functionality so joint customers can benefit from using Grafana and New Relic together.

The New Relic data source plugin for Grafana — which is available to users with a Grafana Cloud account or with a Grafana Enterprise license — is no exception. In this quick tutorial video, we’ll not only show you how easy it is to configure the New Relic data source plugin in Grafana. We also showcase three popular capabilities of the plugin.

1. Easy access to New Relic data

You can use the “point-and-click” method of creating graphs using the Data Explorer, or you can use NRQL, which is New Relic’s query language. For example, if you have a query in the New Relic UI, simply copy and paste it directly into the Grafana query editor. In the video, notice a slight change to the NRQL query was made to make the presentation of the data legend look better. 

2. Template variables with NRQL

The second standout feature in the New Relic data source plugin is its support for template variables. With one click, you can choose your New Relic data source and Grafana will return a suggested NRQL query, providing all the application names within New Relic’s Transaction data table. Now with template variables, you can create more dynamic dashboards in Grafana such as in this Grafana Enterprise demo.

3. Unify your data

The New Relic data source plugin allows you to visualize your New Relic data side-by-side with other data sources within your organization such as Prometheus, ServiceNow, Jira, GitHub, Splunk, and Datadog. Having multiple data sources in one unified view allows you to gain a more complete understanding of how a service or application is behaving, using the existing tools in your organization! Also, if there is an alert on any of these sources, you can link the alert back to a single dashboard for a holistic view, and then drill into any of the mentioned data sets to get more detail.

Learn more about the New Relic plugin

The New Relic data source plugin is available for users with a Grafana Cloud account or with a Grafana Enterprise license. For more information and to get started, check out the New Relic solutions page or contact our team.

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