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Don't miss our webinars on Grafana Tempo, Grafana Enterprise Traces, and the new Sentry plugin

Don't miss our webinars on Grafana Tempo, Grafana Enterprise Traces, and the new Sentry plugin

5 Jan, 2022 2 min

New year, new webinars! Check out what topics our Grafana Labs experts will be diving into this month.

Code observability with Grafana’s Sentry plugin: Remove silos and ship with confidence

Thursday, January 13 | 9:30 PST, 12:30 EST, 17:30 UTC 

There are tools for infrastructure monitoring, others for code observability, and some for tracking the user experience. Because different teams have different preferences, tooling is usually not standardized across organizations.

Join Grafana Labs Product Manager Jay Goodson and Sentry Senior Software Engineer Nisanthan Nanthakumar as they show how the new Sentry data source plugin for Grafana can help development teams visualize key business metrics from various sources in one single view.

Jay and Nisanthan will provide a step-by-step, live demo on how to set up the Sentry plugin and build an effective Grafana dashboard — all while answering your questions throughout the session. 

Register here for the webinar.

Distributed tracing with Grafana: From Tempo OSS to Enterprise

Thursday, January 27 | 9:30 PST, 12:30 EST, 17:30 UTC

Distributed tracing is quickly becoming an invaluable part of a modern observability solution by providing a way for developers to understand how requests move through their systems. 

Grafana Labs’ Product Manager Jen Villa will walk through the basics of our open source tracing tool Grafana Tempo — a scalable, cost-efficient solution for storing and querying distributed traces generated by any of the open source tracing protocols, including Jaeger, Zipkin, and OpenTelemetry.

For those who work in enterprises that may need additional functionalities to encourage broader internal adoption — such as access controls, indemnification, and support guarantees — Jen will also highlight all the latest features in Grafana Enterprise Traces (GET) which allows companies to scale distributed tracing securely.

Participants will not only walk away with access to GET and the opportunity to try it out for themselves. They’ll also feel more confident and better equipped to incorporate tracing into their observability strategy. 

Register here for the webinar. 

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