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Dynatrace datasource

Premium plugins, along with support and assistance from the core team behind Grafana, are available with Grafana Enterprise.

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  • Dynatrace Dashboard
    Dynatrace Dashboard
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    Metric Selection

Grafana Dynatrace Datasource


  • Use your Dynatrace tenant URL, example (https://jdwxxxxx.live.dynatrace.com)
  • When configuring the datasource, always select "proxy" under "Access".
  • Generate a new access token: Log into your Dynatrace environment and go to Settings > Integration > Dynatrace API. The token needs the "Access problem and event feed, metrics, and topology" permission enabled.
  • Fill "API token" with the access token.


  • Auto completion for Source and Metric names.
  • Filter by OS Type, Service Type, Technology Type, Entity name
  • All Sources: Application, Infrastructure, Services, Custom Plugins, etc
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  • Grafana 5.x.x