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Statusmap panel for Grafana

Statusmap sample panel


  • Group values into rows and buckets by query's legend
  • User defined color mapping
  • Multiple values in bucket display in tooltip
  • Interval shaping to better visual representation
  • Represent null values as empty bucket or as zero value

Supported environment

  • Prometheus datasource
  • Tested with Grafana 5.1.3


Plugin can be installed with git:

git clone /var/lib/grafana/plugins/flant-statusmap-panel

Or you can download ZIP archive of this repo and unpack it into /var/lib/grafana/plugins directory.


This plugin emerges from our needs to visually represent history of changes for a set of objects with discrete statuses. Objects can be hosts, Kubernetes pods or coffee makers and discrete statuses are a set of predefined values: something like ok = 0, off = 1, fail = 2.


Recommended setup is to create query for each possible status value with similar legend:

Query setup

Next define color mapping for status values in Discrete color mode.

Color mapping

Spectrum and Opacity color modes works as in a Heatmap plugin.

More options

Bucket options

Multiple values check determine multiple values display mode. If check is unset then multiple values for one bucket treated as error. If check is on then color for bucket determined by value with least index in color mapping.

Color mapping

Null values can be treated as empty buckets or displayed as color of 0 value.

Color mapping

Min width and spacing are determine minimal bucket width and spacing between buckets. Rounding is for round edges.

Min width, spacing, rounding


The easy way to test and develop plugin is to run Grafana instance in docker with following command in the directory containing the plugin. This will expose the local plugin on your machine to the Grafana container.

docker run --rm -it -v $PWD:/var/lib/grafana/plugins/flant-statusmap-panel \
           -p 3000:3000 --name grafana.docker \
           --env=GF_USERS_DEFAULT_THEME=light \

Now run grunt to compile dist directory and start changes watcher:

grunt watch


Idea of a plugin comes from Dmitry Stolyarov @distol, initial version written by Sergey Gnuskov @gsmetal and final changes made by Ivan Mikheykin @diafour.

This plugin is based on a "Heatmap" panel by Grafana and inspired by ideas from Carpet plot, Discrete panel, Status Panel, Status Dot, Status By Group.


  • First public release
Install Plugin


  • Grafana 5.1.x