Data Source

Data source for Vertica and compatible databases



This is a work-in-progress Grafana plugin to support the Vertica database.

It defines a new datsource that communicates with Vertica using the Vertica golang driver. []. Due to this, we needed to implement both front and and back end components using the largely-undocumented backend framework.

Setting Up Your Development Environment

  1. Set up a Go development environment with the appropriate GOROOT and GOPATH envrionment variables.
  2. Download Grafana itself and build it per their instructions. []
  3. Install npm []
  4. Install dep []
  5. Start Grafana once by running the grafana-server binary you built in step 2.
  6. Create a symbolic link from the Grafana's plugin directory to this project's 'dist' directory thusly:
ln -s (this_dir)/dist (grafana_dir)/data/plugins/vertica-grafana-datasource 


You can enable backend logging by setting two variables. On your Grafana server node...

export VERTICA_GRAFANA_LOG_FILE=(log file name)

After that, you can simply watch the log file.

Using Grafana Docker Image

It is possible to run the grafana/grafana Docker image instead of a local grafana-server binary.

  1. Build the drivers source
    • dep ensure
    • Building on Linux?
    • Otherwise
      cd backend
      GOOS=linux go build -o ../dist/vertica-grafana-datasource_linux_amd64
      cd ..
  2. Start the grafana Docker image
    • docker-compose up -d
  3. Confirm that server has started
    • docker-compose logs
  4. Open web browser to localhost:30000/
  5. Cleanup the container, after testing
    • docker-compose down -v

Rapid Development Cycle

  1. Make your code changes.
  2. Run './'
  3. Ctrl-C and re-run <i>grafana-server</i>
  4. Repeat until tired.
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  • Grafana 5.3.x