Data Source

Strava datasource

Strava datasource for Grafana dashboard

Visualize your sport activity with Grafana.

Strava Dashboard


  • Query activities stats and present it as a time series data.
  • Table format
  • Show activities over the world with Worldmap Panel


See configuration docs.

Quick start

When data source is configured, you can import example dashboards from Dashboards tab at the data source configuration page. That's a good starting point for your custom dashboards.

Unfortunately, Strava API has some limitations and you can query only your own activities. But for multi-user dashboards you can configure multiple data sources and authorize separate user for each of them.

Known issues

After some time after authorization you may see an error while refreshing dashboard. Check grafana logs and if you see status=401 message, try to re-connect data source to Strava. Click Connect with Strava button, grant access and then click Reset button at the right of Auth Code input. Then click Fill to copy new auth code from page URL and save data source configuration.

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  • Strava Athlete Dashboad Modern

  • Strava Athlete Dashboad

  • Strava Datasource

  • Grafana 6.5