Flux (InfluxDB) [BETA]

Data Source

InfluxDB Data Source for Flux Queries for Grafana

InfluxDB (Flux) Datasource [BETA]

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Use this datasource if you want to use Flux to query your InfluxDB. Feel free to run this datasource side-by-side with the non-Flux datasource. If you point both datasources to the same InfluxDB instance, you can switch query mode by switching the datasources.

Read more about Flux here:


Read more about InfluxDB here:


Getting Started

While this plugin is in BETA, it is not frequently pushed to the central plugin directory on grafana.com. Until then, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have Grafana and Influx v1.7.4 or above running. (Note: v2.x.x is not yet supported.)
  2. Download the latest release into Grafana's data/plugins directory and unzip it.
  3. Restart Grafana
  4. Add Flux as a datasource using the hostname that your Influx DB is running on and port 8086.

Supported Template Variable Macros:

  • List all measurements for a given database: measurements(database)
  • List all tags for a given database and measurement: tags(database, measurement)
  • List all tag values for a given database, measurement, and tag: tag_valuess(database, measurement, tag)
  • List all field keys for a given database and measurement: field_keys(database, measurement)


Getting started:

  1. Install InfluxDB 1.7+, then edit influxdb.conf setting [http] flux-enabled = true See also: https://docs.influxdata.com/flux/v0.7/introduction/installation/

  2. Install telegraph to get some data: brew install telegraf. Then run telegraf.

  3. Clone this plugin into Grafana's data/plugins directory. Install the deps: yarn install, build the JS bundle yarn dev. Then load Grafana in your browser and add Flux as a new datasource with the URL http://localhost:8086.

Note: If you recently updated your clone, you will need to delete yarn.lock and run yarn install again. (There is an incompatibility with webpack, fsevents, and certain versions of node.)


This plugin uses release-it to release to GitHub.

env GITHUB_TOKEN=your_token yarn release-it patch


  • Alerting integration
  • Explore UI integration
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  • Grafana 6.4.x