Grafana Image Renderer


Grafana Backend Image Renderer that uses headless chrome to capture images.

Grafana Image Renderer CircleCI

A Grafana Backend Plugin that handles rendering panels & dashboards to PNGs using headless chrome.


Supported operating systems

  • Linux (x64)
  • Windows (x64)
  • Mac OS X (x64)

No dependencies

This plugin have been packaged into a single executable together with Node.js runtime and Chromium so it doesn't require any additional dependencies to be installed on the Grafana server.


Using grafana-cli

NOTE: Installing this plugin using grafana-cli is supported from Grafana v6.4.

grafana-cli plugins install grafana-image-renderer

Clone into plugins folder

  1. git clone into Grafana external plugins folder.

  2. Install dependencies and build

    yarn install --pure-lockfile
    yarn run build
  3. Restart Grafana

Remote Rendering Using Docker

As an alternative to installing and running the image renderer as a plugin you can run it as a remote image rendering service using Docker. Read more here.


To get more logging information, update Grafana configuration:

filters = rendering:debug

Additional information

See docs.