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Write documentation

This writing guide defines how Grafana Labs writes documentation.

The guidelines are for anyone who’s interested in improving Grafana Labs’ technical content. They’re intended to guide you on your documentation journey, whether you are requesting a change, editing a topic, or writing a set of documentation for a product or feature from scratch.

If you write technical documentation for Grafana Labs, familiarize yourself with these guidelines.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, email the Grafana Labs documentation team.

Before you write

To learn how to structure documentation, refer to Structure.

For guidelines for writing documentation, refer to the following sections:

  • Style guide
    Style guide for Grafana Labs
  • Tooling and workflows
    Build and review your content locally; learn how to use documentation tools and understand our workflows.
  • Markdown guide
    Guidelines for writing technical documentation in Markdown.
  • Front matter
    Learn about how Grafana builds front matter to properly enable the publication and search of our technical documentation.
  • Shortcodes
    Understand what shortcodes are and how to use them in your Markdown.
  • Links
    Understand how to link between pages.
  • Media guidelines
    How to include images and other media in your documentation.
  • Reuse
    Learn about reusing content in your documentation.
  • Deprecate or remove
    Learn about deprecating or removing content in your documentation.

After you write

After you’ve written your content, the next step is to build the content locally, review the output, and then publish it. For details, refer to the Build and review section.