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Word list

In most cases, you can refer to the word list in the Google developer documentation style guide to determine if you should use a word or not. The following guidelines cover cases in which:

  • Grafana guidelines differ from Google guidelines.
  • The word isn’t included in Google guidelines.
  • It’s still easy to use an incorrect word because it’s widely used, generally or in other Grafana media.
Note: This page is a work in progress.


data source - Use this rather than datasource for the noun form.

Also, use data source plugin rather than data-source plugin.

While most compound adjectives require a hyphen, we’ve chosen to leave it out in this case to maintain consistency with the naming of data sources in the application and reduce confusion.

Note: For other compound adjectives, use a hyphen unless otherwise specified.

drop-down - Use this rather than dropdown or drop down.


hover over - Use this rather than hold the pointer over or point to.


menu icon - Use this rather than hamburger menu or kebab menu.


time series - Use this rather than timeseries for the noun form.

When you need to use the adjective form, use time-series rather than timeseries.