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About our documentation design

The documentation website uses a modern design approach to make our technical documentation accessible, modern, and scalable.

Our technical documentation pages take advantage of our static site generator, Hugo. As a result, several elements of the page are automatically managed during the publication of the page using Hugo’s taxonomy. Thus, the source markdown files do not need to hand management of these elements and do not require contributors to curate them.

We also include:

  • Navigation to preview primary topics. The left-hand sidebar broadly outlines key topics, with nested related topics underneath. This design supports the philosophy that “every page is page one” and creates an system of documentation around a topic that is easier to reference and navigate.
  • Floating table of contents. The table of contents floats on the page as you scroll to the content that’s hidden beneath the fold. You can also view the upcoming topics, to enable a better user experience that helps you navigate to subtopics lower on the page.
  • Auto-generated Related documentation. Using Hugo’s taxonomy, our documentation automatically finds other documentation that’s pertinent to the page you’re viewing.
  • Auto-generated Related resources from Grafana Labs. Hugo’s taxonomy again is used to automatically generate this content.
  • Feedback. We added more prominent options for feedback from our community.

You can read about the redesign of our documentation pages in our blog.