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Pyroscope and profiling in Grafana

Pyroscope can be used alongside the other Grafana tools such as Loki, Tempo, Mimir, and k6. You can use Pyroscope to get the most granular insight into your application and how you can use it to fix issues that you may have identified via metrics, logs, traces, or anything else.

You can use Pyroscope within Grafana by using the Pyroscope data source plugin. This plugin lets you query Pyroscope data from within Grafana and visualize it alongside your other Grafana data.

Visualize traces and profiles data

Here is a screenshot of the Explore page where combined traces and profiles to be able to see granular line-level detail when available for a trace span. This allows you to see the exact function that’s causing a bottleneck in your application as well as a specific request.


Integrate profiles into dashboards

Here is an example of how you can integrate profiles into your dashboards. In this case, the screenshot shows memory profiles alongside panels for logs and metrics to be able to debug OOM errors alongside the associated logs and metrics.