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About Grafana Pyroscope IP address logging of a reverse proxy

If a reverse proxy is used in front of Pyroscope, it might be difficult to troubleshoot errors. You can use the following settings to log the IP address passed along by the reverse proxy in headers such as X-Forwarded-For.

  • -server.log-source-ips-enabled

    Set this to true to add IP address logging when a Forwarded, X-Real-IP, or X-Forwarded-For header is used. A field called sourceIPs is added to error logs when data is pushed into Grafana Pyroscope.

  • -server.log-source-ips-header

    The header field stores the source IP addresses and is used only if -server.log-source-ips-enabled is true, and if -server.log-source-ips-regex is set. If you do not set these flags, the default Forwarded, X-Real-IP, or X-Forwarded-For headers are searched.

  • -server.log-source-ips-regex

    A regular expression that is used to match the source IPs. The regular expression must contain at least one capturing group, the first of which is returned. This flag is used only if -server.log-source-ips-enabled is true and if -server.log-source-ips-header is set.