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About Grafana Pyroscope tenant IDs

Grafana Pyroscope is a multi-tenant system where tenants can query profiles that include their tenant ID. Within a Grafana Pyroscope cluster, the tenant ID is the unique identifier of a tenant. The query takes the tenant ID from the X-Scope-OrgID parameter that exists in the HTTP header of each request, for example X-Scope-OrgID: <TENANT-ID>.

To push profiles to Grafana Pyroscope for a specific tenant, refer to Configure the Agent.

By default, multi-tenancy is disabled, the tenant ID is ignored and all profiles are stored and retrieved with the same tenant (anonymous).

To enable multi-tenancy, add the multitenancy_enabled parameter to the Grafana Pyroscope configuration file and set it to true. Alternatively you can also use command line arguments to enable multi-tenancy, for example --auth.multitenancy-enabled=true.


Tenant IDs cannot be longer than 150 bytes or characters in length and can only include the following supported characters:

  • Alphanumeric characters
    • 0-9
    • a-z
    • A-Z
  • Special characters
    • Exclamation point (!)
    • Hyphen (-)
    • Underscore (_)
    • Single period (.)
    • Asterisk (*)
    • Single quote (')
    • Open parenthesis (()
    • Close parenthesis ())

Note: For security reasons, . and .. are not valid tenant IDs.

All other characters, including slashes and whitespace, are not supported.