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Version 1.5 release notes

We are excited to present Grafana Pyroscope 1.5.

This release focuses on improving stability and interoperability to make Pyroscope more reliable and easier to use.

Notable changes are listed below. For more details, check out the Full 1.5.0 Changelog:

Improvements and updates

Version 1.5 includes the following improvements and updates:

  • Repair Go stack traces (#3014)
  • eBPF: Aggregate python stacks in kernel space instead of user space (#2996)
  • eBPF: Propagate PID namespace to kernel space (#3008)
  • eBPF: Run tests on many kernels (#3025)
  • eBPF: Add support for more Python versions (#3035)
  • Improve trace span propagation in streaming requests (#2992)
  • Drop type params from Go function names (#3010)
  • Disable vt proto pools (#3034)
  • Allow running multiple rideshare examples in the same network namespace (#2990)


Version 1.5 includes the following fixes:

  • Wait for ongoing queries to finish at close (#3030)
  • Fix data duplication in the read path (#3100, #3103)
  • Fix merging of empty pprof samples (#3031)
  • Correctly format makefile help rule (#3021)

Documentation improvements

Version 1.5 includes the following documentation updates:

  • Reorganize examples folder to match documentation structure (#3026)
  • Update Configure the client and span profiles doc (#3028)
  • Improve intro and span profiles docs (#3089, #3099)