Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

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Alertmanager data source

Grafana includes built-in support for Alertmanager implementations in Prometheus and Mimir. Once you add it as a data source, you can use the Grafana Alerting UI to manage silences, contact points, and notification policies. To switch between Grafana and any configured Alertmanager data sources, you can select your preference from a drop-down option in those databases’ data source settings pages.

Alertmanager implementations

The data source supports Prometheus and Grafana Mimir (default) implementations of Alertmanager. You can specify the implementation in the data source’s Settings page. When using Prometheus, contact points and notification policies are read-only in the Grafana Alerting UI, because it doesn’t support updates to the configuration using HTTP API.

Configure the data source

To configure basic settings for the data source, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Connections in the left-side menu.

  2. Under Your connections, click Data sources.

  3. Enter Alertmanager in the search bar.

  4. Click Alertmanager.

    The Settings tab of the data source is displayed.

  5. Set the data source’s basic configuration options:

    NameSets the name you use to refer to the data source
    DefaultSets whether the data source is pre-selected for new panels and queries
    Alertmanager ImplementationAlertmanager implementation. Mimir, Cortex, and Prometheus are supported
    Receive Grafana AlertsWhen enabled the Alertmanager receives alert instances from Grafana-managed alert rules. Important: It works only if Grafana alerting is configured to send its alert instances to external Alertmanagers
    HTTP URLSets the HTTP protocol, IP, and port of your Alertmanager instance, such as
    AccessOnly Server access mode is functional

Provision the Alertmanager data source

You can provision Alertmanager data sources by updating Grafana’s configuration files. For more information on provisioning, and common settings available, refer to the provisioning docs page.

Here is an example for provisioning the Alertmanager data source:

apiVersion: 1

  - name: Alertmanager
    type: alertmanager
    url: http://localhost:9093
    access: proxy
      # Valid options for implementation include mimir, cortex and prometheus
      implementation: prometheus
      # Whether or not Grafana should send alert instances to this Alertmanager
      handleGrafanaManagedAlerts: false
    # optionally
    basicAuth: true
    basicAuthUser: my_user
      basicAuthPassword: test_password