Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

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Grafana offers a variety of visualizations to support different use cases. This section of the documentation highlights the built-in visualizations, their options and typical usage.

Note: If you are unsure which visualization to pick, Grafana can provide visualization suggestions based on the panel query. When you select a visualization, Grafana will show a preview with that visualization applied.

  • Graphs & charts
    • Time series is the default and main Graph visualization.
    • State timeline for state changes over time.
    • Status history for periodic state over time.
    • Bar chart shows any categorical data.
    • Histogram calculates and shows value distribution in a bar chart.
    • Heatmap visualizes data in two dimensions, used typically for the magnitude of a phenomenon.
    • Pie chart is typically used where proportionality is important.
    • Candlestick is typically for financial data where the focus is price/data movement.
  • Stats & numbers
    • Stat for big stats and optional sparkline.
    • Bar gauge is a horizontal or vertical bar gauge.
  • Misc
    • Table is the main and only table visualization.
    • Logs is the main visualization for logs.
    • Node graph for directed graphs or networks.
    • Traces is the main visualization for traces.
    • Flame graph is the main visualization for profiling.
  • Widgets

Get more

You can add more visualization types by installing panel panel plugins.


Below you can find some good examples for how all the visualizations in Grafana can be configured. You can also explore which has a large set of demo dashboards that showcase all the different visualizations.


For time based line, area and bar charts we recommend the default time series visualization. This public demo dashboard contains many different examples for how this visualization can be configured and styled.

Time series
Time series

For categorical data use a bar chart.

Bar chart
Bar chart

Big numbers & stats

A stat shows one large stat value with an optional graph sparkline. You can control the background or value color using thresholds or color scales.



If you want to present a value as it relates to a min and max value you have two options. First a standard radial gauge shown below.

Secondly Grafana also has a horizontal or vertical bar gauge with three different distinct display modes.


To show data in a table layout, use a table.

Table visualization
Table visualization

Pie chart

To display reduced series, or values in a series, from one or more queries, as they relate to each other, use a pie chart.

Pie chart
Pie chart


To show value distribution over, time use a heatmap.


State timeline

A state timeline shows discrete state changes over time. When used with time series, the thresholds are used to turn the numerical values into discrete state regions.

state timeline with string states
state timeline with string states