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Jira data source

Jira is an issue tracking, project management and workflow automation tool. Get the whole picture of your development process by combining issue data from Jira with application performance data from other sources.

Using Jira and Grafana you can:

  • create annotations based on issue creation or resolution, to see the relationship between issues and metrics
  • track detailed Jira stats, like mean time to resolution and issue throughput

The following instructions assume that you’re configuring the Jira data source on-premises. To view a video on Cloud configuration, refer to visualizing Jira with Grafana Cloud.


The Jira data source has the following requirements:

Known limitations

Custom field types from Jira add-ons may not be supported.

Install the Jira data source plugin

To install the data source, refer to Installation.

Import a dashboard for Jira

To import a dashboard in Grafana, refer to Import a dashboard. You can find pre-made Jira dashboards at

To view a list of pre-made Jira dashboards do the following:

  1. Go to Connections in the sidebar menu.
  2. Under Connections, click Data sources.
  3. Type Jira in the search bar and select the Jira data source.
  4. Go to Dashboards to view a list of pre-made dashboards.

After installing the Jira data source plugin you can: