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Configure the Jira data source

Grafana provides a number of configuration options for Jira. To install a data source, refer to Install Grafana plugins. For general information on adding a data source refer to Add a data source.

Only users with the organization administrator role can add data sources. Administrators can also configure the data source via YAML with Grafana’s provisioning system.

Add the Jira data source

To add the Jira data source, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Connections in the left-side menu.
  2. Under Connections, click Add new connection.
  3. Enter Jira in the search bar.
  4. Select Jira under the Data Source section.
  5. Click Add new data source in the upper right.

You are taken to the Settings tab where you can set up your Jira configuration.

Jira configuration options

Following is a list of configuration options for Jira.

The first option to configure is the name of your connection:

  • Name - The data source name. This is how you refer to the data source in panels and queries. Examples: Jira-1, Jira_PM.

  • Default - Toggle to select as the default data source. When you go to a dashboard panel this will show as the default data source.


Connect to Jira using a provider URL. If you are unsure of your Jira URL contact your Jira administrator

  • Provider - Where your Jira instance is hosted. Select Jira Cloud if Jira is hosted on Atlassian Cloud. Select Jira Data Center/Jira Server if Jira is hosted on-prem or elsewhere.

  • URL - The root URL for your Atlassian instance.


Configure authentication to access the data source.

note: If the user email field is populated, basic authentication will be used. If it is left empty, Bearer token authentication will be used.

Private data source connect (PDC) and Jira

Use private data source connect (PDC) to connect to and query data within a secure network without opening that network to inbound traffic from Grafana Cloud. Refer to Private data source connect for more information on how PDC works and Configure Grafana private data source connect (PDC) for steps on setting up a PDC connection.

  • Private data source connect - Click in the box to set the default PDC connection from the dropdown menu or create a new connection.

Once you have configured your Jira data source options, click Save & test at the bottom to test out your data source connection. You can also remove a connection by clicking Delete.

Provision the Jira data source

You can also define and configure the Jira data source in YAML files as part of Grafana’s provisioning system. For more information about provisioning a data source, and for available configuration options, refer to Provision Grafana.

apiVersion: 1
  - name: Jira
    type: grafana-jira-datasource
    access: proxy
    basicAuth: false
    editable: true
    enabled: true
      url: root URL of Atlassian instance
      user: email address for user
      hosting: server OR cloud
      token: API token