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Jira templates and variables

Instead of hard-coding details such as server, application, and sensor names in metric queries, you can use variables. Grafana lists these variables in dropdown select boxes at the top of the dashboard to help you change the data displayed in your dashboard. Grafana refers to such variables as template variables.

For an introduction to templates and variables, see the following topics:

To add a new Jira query variable, refer to Add a query variable. Use your Jira data source as your data source.

Multi-value variables allow selecting multiple options and can be used as part of the IN clause:

assignee IN ($assignee)


Macros are variables that reference the dashboard time window so you can filter issues only within the range of the dashboard window.

There are 2 macros: $__from and $__to.

Example: JQL to filter issues created within the Dashboard time window.

createdDate >= $__from AND createdDate <= $__to