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Install the single binary Helm Chart

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This Helm Chart installation runs the Grafana Loki single binary within a Kubernetes cluster.

If the filesyste is set to filesystem, this chart configures Loki to run the all target in a monolothic, designed to work with a filesystem storage. It will also configure meta-monitoring of metrics and logs.

It is not possible to install the single binary with a different storage type.

Before you begin:

To deploy Loki in monolithic mode:

  1. Add Grafana’s chart repository to Helm:

    helm repo add grafana
  2. Update the chart repository:

    helm repo update
  3. Configure the filesystem storage:

    • Create the configuration file values.yaml:

          replication_factor: 1
          type: 'filesystem'
  4. Deploy the Loki cluster using one of these commands.

    • Deploy with the defined configuration:

      helm install --values values.yaml loki grafana/loki
    • Deploy with the defined configuration in a custom Kubernetes cluster namespace:

      helm install --values values.yaml loki --namespace=loki grafana/loki-simple-scalable