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Size the cluster

This tool helps to generate a Helm Charts values.yaml file based on specified expected ingestion, retention rate and node type. It will always configure a scalable deployment. The storage needs to be configured after generation.

Read ReplicasWrite ReplicasNodesCoresMemory
{{ clusterSize.TotalReadReplicas }}{{ clusterSize.TotalWriteReplicas }}{{ clusterSize.TotalNodes}}{{ clusterSize.TotalCoresRequest}}{{ clusterSize.TotalMemoryRequest}} GB

Generate and download values file

Defines the log volume in gigabytes, ie 1e+9 bytes, expected to be ingested each day. Defines the node type of the Kubernetes cluster. Is a vendor or type missing? If so, add it to pkg/sizing/node.go. Defines how long the ingested logs should be kept. Defines the expected query performance. Basic is sized for a max query throughput of around 3GB/s. Super aims for 25% more throughput.